Cute Dinosaur Slippers



This pair of cute dinosaur slippers will appeal to anyone looking for comfortable slippers that feature an original design. The perfect pair for little adventurers! Your little ones will love them!

✔ The upper part is made of cotton

✔ Polyester is used for the lining

✔ Rubber is used for the outsole

✔ Patterns stitched on fabric

✔ Not available in stores

✔ We guarantee the quality of the finishes and the size of each Dinosaur Universe product

Cute dinosaur indoor shoes

This pair of slippers will be a hit with your child. His favorite cartoons will be brought to life by its funny and adorable design, and he won’t be able to get rid of them! Furthermore, their unparalleled comfort will make them a great ally during winter nights. There is no way he will go barefoot in a house again!

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Cute Dinosaur slippers
Cute Dinosaur Slippers
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