Dinosaur Feet Slippers



Transform yourself into a real Cretaceous reptile with our dinosaur feet slippers with long claws and funny design! It is specially designed to delight all fans of dinos.

  •  Adult dinosaur slippers
  • Top: plush
  • Lining: plush
  • Outsole: rubber
  • Not available in stores
  • The Dinosaur Universe team controls the quality of the finishes and the size chosen
  • Your product is carefully packed before shipping

Dinosaur feet indoor shoes

Your feet will never be cold again with our dino slippers. Perfect for a Triassic night at home or playing outside, our slippers will make it easy to imagine you’re a real dinosaur. You’ll be amazing your friends and family with these funny and realistic-looking dino feet slippers!

With these shoes inspired by the feet of the great ferocious beasts that once roamed our planet millions of years ago, you will feel like you are in the movie Jurassic Park? Would you rather be the predator or the prey? Whichever way you choose, you’ll have to run fast!
There is no age to be passionate about prehistoric lizards, so we also offer dinosaur slippers for adults! You can find cute and fun Mesozoic age inspired accessories in our full collection of dinosaur slippers. Choose from our selection of Jurassic looking dinosaur clothes to complete your look and add some originality to your wardrobe!


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Dinosaur Feet Slippers
Dinosaur Feet Slippers
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