Dinosaur Claw Slippers



Explore the super continent of Pangea like a Tyrannosaurus Rex with our uniquely designed and incredibly comfortable dinosaur claw slippers.

  • Adult dinosaur slippers
  • Top: plush
  • Lining: plush
  • Outsole: rubber
  • Not available in stores
  • The Dinosaur Universe team controls the quality of the finishes and the size chosen
  • Your product is carefully packed before shipping

These are not your average slippers! Feel what it’s like to be a prehistoric beast with these specially designed dinosaur claw slippers. Pick your favorite prehistoric animal you want to be and start adventuring into the prehistoric world. Step into the world of the extinct with a pair of these cleverly designed and highly comfortable dinosaur claw slippers. They’ll make a perfect gift for any Triassic fauna lover.

These slippers have a totally unusual shape and are made of durable plush, which makes them super comfortable and easy to clean. It’s nice to look good while hanging out at home on a nice weekend day.

You’ll also love our fluffy dinosaur slippers for your day at home! In our collection of dinosaur slippers inspired by the Mesozoic era, you’ll find cute and fun designs. we also have some triassic inspired dinosaur clothes to add some originality to your wardrobe!


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Dinosaur Claw Slippers
Dinosaur Claw Slippers
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