Dinosaur T Shirt Velociraptor



Beware of raptors they are on the lookout! With this Velociraptor T shirt you will impress your friends and command respect! A real fashion accessory for reptiles enthusiasts.

  • Produced from eco-friendly spandex
  • Short sleeve Tee-shirt
  • Unique and original pattern
  • 3D HD design: direct digital printing
  • Anti-friction: maximum comfort, ultra soft fabric
  • Anti-transpiration: quick drying

A velociraptor Tee Shirt

Velociraptor T shirt features realistic raptor and Jurassic period artwork. It is a great gift for dinosaur fans, paleontologists, Jurassic Park fans!

This unique Tee shirt is a must have for any dinosaur lover. It is made of 100% spandex, is stretchy and super comfortable, and has the Raptor printed on the front with a raised design for added style.

With this shirt, you’ll be able to make your friends and family members feel the same sense of awe! Make the most of your Jurassic life with this fashionable piece of clothe, which will have them wondering who exactly they’re up against.

If you are a natural history and museum lover, you will simply love our dinosaur skeleton t shirt. A variety of dinosaur T-shirts are available, featuring unique designs inspired by the reptiles that once inhabited our planet 66 million years ago. You can keep your style 100% Jurassic by choosing dinosaur clothes that will delight you.


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Velociraptor T Shirt
Dinosaur T Shirt Velociraptor
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