Bird Wallet


If you are a bird lover and have an interest in prehistoric flying creatures like the archaeopteryx, the first known fowl in the history of the planet, our bird wallet will make you happy!

  • An adorable dinosaur purse
  • includes a zippered compartment to store money and critical documents.
  • Small enough to fit into a pocket or backpack.
  • Size: 11×13.5cm – 4.3×5.3in
  • Materials: Polyester
  • The print is made using high-resolution digital technology

A  prehistoric bird purse

Inspired by the first bird in the history of our planet, the archaeopteryx, this wallet is all you will ever need! Let this prehistoric flying creature accompany you every day with your cash in your pockets. From now on, you’ll never be low on cash again with our bird wallet.

You know you want the coolest wallet in town. This one is the coolest – a unique piece of dinosaur-themed merchandise from our collection. You’ll be happy to know that this wallet is a perfect gift for anyone who loves birds, dinosaurs, or both!

Discover also our sumptuous blue bird wallet model with a super realistic design! Check out this collection of dinosaur wallets for even more options inspired by prehistoric times before the mass extinction 66 million years ago. You can express your love of cold-blooded reptiles with dinosaur accessories from our online store.


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Bird Walllet
Bird Wallet