Prehistoric Creature Wallet


You will fall in love with the beauty of our prehistoric creature wallet. All the fiercest dinosaurs of the Jurassic seem to want to come out of their holes and come back into your life!

  • An adorable dinosaur purse
  • includes a zippered compartment to store money and important documents.
  • Small enough to fit into a pocket or backpack.
  • Size: 11×13.5cm – 4.3×5.3in
  • Materials: Polyester
  • The print is made using high-resolution digital technology

A prehistoric creature purse

The creature wallet is the most adorable way to store your cards, cash, and other important things. The prehistoric creatures of the Jurassic come to life on this wallet with a sense of adventure and mystery! Take a walk on the wild side with your creature wallet from the Mesozoic era.

Get the planet ocean wallet to extend your trip to the Triassic even more! Discover even more options in our dinosaur wallet collection, inspired by the prehistoric era before the mass extinction. You can find dinosaur accessories at our online store to express your affinity for primitive vertebrates.


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Creature wallet
Prehistoric Creature Wallet