Dinosaur Watch For Toddlers


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“Children have a great urge to learn about dinosaurs.” – Jack Horner. Our dinosaur watch for toddlers is a great way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of Mesozoic reptiles and its diverse and varied fauna. Gift this jewelry to your child to give them charisma and allure.

  • Dial diameter: 30 mm – 1.2in
  • A solid and high-quality product
  • Featuring fine details
  • Makes a great gift for a dinosaur lover
  • Quartz movement

A dinosaur timepiece for toddlers

More than 66 million years after their disappearance, dinosaurs continue to fascinate adults and scientists. This reason is very simple when you see the unusual anatomy of these gigantic reptiles. Whether armed with claws or spikes on their tails, the means of defense and attack are fascinating! With this beautiful watch you initiate your child to this totally wonderful world. With this Velociraptor on its dial, this watch is a nice attention for your toddler.
More than a simple timepiece, our Jurassic watch has been specially designed for people with an attraction for this fabulous ancient world. Our dinosaur watch lets you show off your love for meat eater mammals while staying on trend! If you are fascinated by extinct ancestors, you can purchase dinosaur accessories from our online shop.


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Dinosaur Watch For Toddlers
Dinosaur Watch For Toddlers
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