Baby Dinosaur Backpack


Give your child a passion for the great reptiles of the Jurassic period from an early age with our baby dinosaur backpack. They will remember it all their life!

  • A polyester bag made from high-quality materials
  • Designed with a fun and elegant dinosaur design
  • Perfect for children
  • Exceptional quality and detail
  • For all ages
  • 3-D printing of the highest quality

A timeless baby dinosaur bag!

The perfect present for your budding paleontologist! With our baby dinosaur backpack, you’ll give your child a lifelong passion for the great reptiles of the Jurassic period. The backpack features an adorable green dinosaur face on the front.

Our backpack is made from soft, breathable polyester fabric and displays a Diplodocus that your child will love to take out of the pack and show to his friends. It is very light, so children can carry it all day long to school or to the park on weekends bringing all their toys to play with!  Your child will also learn about the existence of the herbivorous dinosaur, the Diplodocus, if he hasn’t seen it in a cartoon yet!

If you also like the large carnivorous predators of the Triassic, you will love our spinosaurus backpack. You can find a wide variety of dinosaur backpacks here that are suitable for children and adults who like dinosaurs. With our collection of Jurassic-inspired items, you can decorate your entire home with dinosaur accessories!


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Baby Dinosaur Backpack
Baby Dinosaur Backpack