Dinosaur Shaped Backpack


Dreaming of a bag that is as impressive and fierce as it is practical and can accompany you on all your travels? Our dinosaur shaped backpack is exactly what you need! With its rabid brown T rex shape, no doubt you’ll command respect!

  • An offbeat and elegant dinosaur purse
  • Fashionable and stylish dinosaur bag for kids and adults
  • Durable, detailed article
  • For children and adults of all ages

A dinosaur shaped bag

The T rex was the king of the jungle and of the whole Cretaceous continent and you want to pay homage to him? This plush backpack is the perfect ally for you. With this bag you will carry all your stuff in a secure way and will give a cold shoulder to all the people you will meet. No chance that someone will bother you with a dinosaur on your back!

If you like realism and life-size bags, discover our Dinosaur backpack 3D which will be a great ally in your daily expeditions! With our dinosaur backpack collection, you’ll find even more fun ways to carry your clothes and anything else in a wild and reptile-themed way. As a complement to your bag, we offer a variety of dinosaur accessories that are all as unique as each other!


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Dinosaur Shaped Backpack
Dinosaur Shaped Backpack