Cute Dinosaur Clock


We have a cute dinosaur clock that will bring your child the joy of his dreams. By posting this exquisite decoration on the wall of his or her room, your kid will be able to find every day his small favorite companions straight from the prehistoric era when he comes back from school!

  • Dinosaur-themed decoration of supreme quality
  • This clock is sure to add style to any home or bedroom
  • Powered by batteries
  • The clock is silent and of high quality

A cute dinosaur ticker

If this dinosaur time clock is on a wall in his room, your child will love to see all the primitive dinosaurs that he used to watch on TV when reading the time! This clock displays all the most famous reptiles of the prehistoric world. They are all there! From a Diplocous with its long neck to a T-Rex with long fangs to a Triceratops with its three horns, they are all there!

Discover a rock n roll and funny dinosaur clock that will please both kids and adults. It features a Tyrannosaurus that plays the guitar, making it both cool and unique! Discover our dinosaur clock collection for a fun and wild way to decorate your home or office as well as a fun and funny way to keep time inspired by the primitive world of the Cretaceous Era. Visit our website to see one of the most original and unique dinosaur accessories collection in the world!


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Cute Dinosaur-clock
Cute Dinosaur Clock