Dinosaur Clock Raptor


Our raptor clock representing a ferocious velociraptor with big claws and ready to pounce on its prey is simply a work of art. Display this item on your wall to beautify your room and create a Jurassic atmosphere!

  • Decorative piece featuring dinosaurs
  • A great addition to any home
  • Battery operated
  • A wall clock that is quiet and durable
  • High quality silk-screen design

Bring the prehistoric era back to life with our beautiful velociraptor clock. Made out of materials that won’t break, fade, or warp over time, this item is perfect for your décor and can be passed on to family members as an heirloom.

Step into the Jurassic world with this raptor clock that features a top quality clock, a creative design, and high precision quartz movement! Show it off to friends and family and they will be asking you where to get one themselves.

If you prefer herbivorous reptiles with spikes along the body, our stegosaurus dinosaur clock will make its impression on you! The dinosaur clocks can transport you back in time when the earth was ruled by cold-blooded animals and primitive reptiles. You can show off your love for prehistoric animals with our dinosaur accessories.


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Raptor Clock
Dinosaur Clock Raptor