Dinosaur Clock Volcano


Can you hear that deafening roar coming from the center of the earth that is ready to cause a mass extinction at any moment and eradicate the dinosaurs from the surface of the globe? With our volcano clock you’ll get a front row seat to an upcoming volcanic eruption!

  • Decorative piece featuring a volcano
  • A great addition to any home
  • Battery operated
  • A wall clock that is quiet and durable
  • High quality silk-screen design

Be ready for the imminent, this volcano’s about to blow! The next mass extinction is coming and you’ll want to be prepared with our new volcano clock. It’s the one clock that won’t disrupt your sleep with its ticking, but will instead lull you into slumber with the rhythmic sound of an impending eruption. Listen to the countdown timer so you won’t miss a second of the fiery event that’s about to take place and wake up to the perfect time.

Step back in time with this vintage-style alarm clock that’s full of personality and old school flare. It’s all here, including a ticking second hand so you can stay on top of your sleep regiment. Plus, with the volcano’s ever-growing lava spilling out of the top, it’s almost like you’ll never forget to wake up again!

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Volcano Clock
Dinosaur Clock Volcano