Triceratops Earrings


Admire our earrings of the most famous herbivore dinosaur of the late Cretaceous period, the Triceratops! These gorgeous pieces are the best way to express your love of this fascinating world populated with gigantic reptiles while adding a touch of style and beauty to your face!

  • 18K copper plated earrings, durable and stays shiny
  • No form of discomfort on the skin
  • Careful & precise details
  • Inlaid zircon stone of high quality

An original triceratops jewel

These triceratops earrings are beautiful and will make you stand out at any event. Your unique and wild style will reflect your love of dinosaurs, whether you’re going to a party with friends or wearing them every day. Their design in 18K copper and zircon stones creates jewelry that is surprisingly shiny and luxurious.

We invite you to check out our spinosaurus earrings in 18k copper if you would like to add to your collection of remarkable Mesozoic dinosaur earrings. We are committed to creating quality jewelry that meets the needs of our customers who are fans of natural history and the beautiful species of animal that once roamed our planet 66 million years ago. Check out our dinosaur jewelry collection for items inspired by the feasome reptiles from the Jurassic era.



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Triceratops Earrings
Triceratops Earrings