Are Dinosaurs Still Alive Today?

Are Dinosaurs Still Alive Today

There are many stories about dinosaurs that we have heard. They existed long before our time, and there are no dinosaurs left today. There are a lot of interesting and fascinating facts about dinosaurs that have been presented in movies and articles about them. We can better understand the history of our planet by studying the stories of dinosaurs.

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Life on Earth emerged 3770 million years ago, according to the latest data, and evolution has left countless living organisms behind. Dinosaurs, for example, have evolved into new species while others have disappeared.

During the Mesozoic Era (251 MYA. to 65 MYA.) there were three major periods: the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. During these periods, dinosaurs were the dominant terrestrial vertebrates on our planet. This was a group of extremely diverse reptiles that are thought to have virtually disappeared during the Cretaceous-Tertiary mass extinction that ended the Mesozoic era.

Period of Time Dinosaurs Alive

There are dinosaurs still alive today: science explains

Are dinosaurs still alive today? Yes, there are still dinosaurs living among us today, but they are different from the ones that existed millions of years ago.

Reptiles of the modern age are not dinosaurs

Reptiles Alive Today Are Not Dinosaurs

Popular culture has taken it upon itself to recreate dinosaurs as reptile-like animals, especially because of the scales. There is, however, a difference between the two families.

There was a time when reptiles and dinosaurs coexisted, but that does not mean they were the same species. Since they differ in physical and genetic characteristics, they cannot be considered relatives.

Today’s reptiles are the result of a long evolutionary process that allowed them to adapt and survive.

You might believe that today’s reptiles are descendants of dinosaurs because of the image of dinosaurs, but this is not true.

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Which dinosaurs are still alive today?

Which Dinosaurs Are Still Alive Today

Would you like to know if there is still a Dinosaur alive today? There are descendants of these animals today, but they are not scaly like reptiles. Birds are their closest relatives. A Tyrannosaurus Rex for example is closer to a chicken or turkey than a crocodile or turtle.

According to scientific findings, birds and dinosaurs share a common bond that survived extinction, evolved, and produced offspring today.

It is not just that birds evolved from dinosaurs, but that all birds are dinosaurs, according to paleontologist Aki Watanabe of the American Museum of Natural History.

The lineage could be compared to that of humans and primates who share a common ancestor, and in a way, humans are primates.

Dinosaurs also had feathers

Dinosaur Alive With Feathers
Dinosaurs like the big Stegosaurus for example didn’t have much scientific evidence when they first appeared in popular culture. Furthermore, dinosaurs in movies had to look scary, regardless of their scientific inaccuracies.
Some species, including Tyrannosaurus rex, have feathers similar to modern birds, called proto-feathers.
Since dinosaurs couldn’t fly, scientists believe feathers appeared on their bodies to regulate temperature or display themselves for mate or defense purposes.

Dinosaurs and birds have other common characteristics

Characteristics of Dinosaurs - Are Dinosaurs Still Alive Today

Dinosaurs and birds also share other characteristics, such as: a fast metabolism, hollow bones that make them lighter, and furculas, which are bones exclusive to birds and theropods. You’ve probably seen these bones in chickens. They’re called wishbones.

In addition, both species have relatively large brains for their body sizes.
Contrary to what movies have depicted, dinosaurs probably looked more like birds than reptiles.
Every bird, no matter how small or common, is part of an evolutionary lineage that has survived for millions of years.

Modern day animals that lived with the dinosaurs

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs ruled the planet, but there were also other animals that inhabited the planet, some of which have evolved and survived millennia of change.


Sharks and Dinosaurs are Alive

Throughout history, sharks have survived by doing what they do best: hunting. They have managed to remain exactly the same as they were millions of years ago because their bodies haven’t evolved much. Even though their size has decreased considerably, their ferocity has not.


Echidnas And Dinosaurs Are Still Alive Today
A mammal that emerged in the Cenozoic era and has survived thanks to its defenses and adaptations to the terrain, it is one of the first mammals on Earth.
It is a species of anteater with a very long snout that feeds mainly on insects and is protected from predators by dozens of spikes all over its body.


Caimans Dinosaurs Still Alive Today
The alligator, along with the crocodile, was among the animals that lived with the dinosaurs. They had to change just a little because they could measure twice as much as today, but their structure and feeding habits were the same as today, and they were a very common species at the time.
In addition, it was the most feared due to its ability to move on land as well as in water.


Bee Dinosaur

For millions of years, bees have pollinated flowers around the world. Taking care of them is essential for our planet because some regions of the planet are disappearing, and this could be a major issue.


Crab Dinosaur
The fact that crabs lived alongside dinosaurs might not seem so strange if we discuss it. As we can see from their armored appearance, they have a very similar anatomy to the animals of their time.
The size has been reduced, as in many species, because of the size of the prey they eat, but they still have hard bodies to protect themselves.
Dinosaur Ice Age

65 million years is a long time for giant dinosaurs to live and die without leaving any fossils. The dinosaurs did not all go extinct, scientifically speaking. Many of us see dinosaurs every day, and some even have them in their homes. Modern birds are descendants of dinosaurs.

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