Should Curtains Touch The Floor?

Should Curtains Touch The Floor?
We love the curtains that dress our windows and sublimates our interior, but what length?
All people ask themselves this question when buying curtains. Is it better for my curtain to be a few inches from the ground or should it touch it?
Dinosaur Universe answers this question by taking into account your type of window, the size of it, the height of your ceiling and the function of your room. 
We propose a collection of dinosaur curtains that will certainly make your child’s room more enchanting.

The curtain must cover your window completely to fulfill its primary function, protecting you from light. Therefore, you should choose a curtain that is long and wide. To enhance your window and give the illusion of grandeur, choose a length that reaches the ground.

Large Bay Curtains

If I have a high ceiling with a standard window?

Having a high ceiling is an asset that must be exploited at all costs, we advise you to hang the rod higher to take advantage of the height. Let the curtain touch the ground for a guaranteed amplitude effect.

Length Of Curtains For High Ceiling

Roar Like a Dinosaur Curtains


Dinosaur Land Curtains


Glow In The Dark Dinosaur Curtains


Eyelet Dinosaur Curtains

Curtains For High Ceiling and Small Window

If I have small windows and a low ceiling?

Ideally, the rod should be 2 in above the window and the curtain should touch the ground. You will be able to highlight your window and make it appear larger by using this dressing. Opt for a curtain that falls to 1 in from the ground or brushes it, you’ll get all the benefits without taking your feet in!

Standard Window Low Ceiling
Low Ceiling and Standard Window

If I have a high ceiling and large windows?

In this case, you have all the advantages combined to sublimate your room. Use the height of the ceiling, installing the rod as high as possible and let the curtain fall to 0.4 or 0.8 in from the ground to accentuate and highlight the size of your window.

Curtains for Large Windows and High Ceiling
Curtains For High Ceilings And Large Windows

For rooms such as the kitchen and dining room, we prefer a shorter curtain for convenience and to avoid any staining of the fabric. In these rooms, we prefer a blind for easy maintenance.

Length of Curtains for Kitchen
Length of Curtains for Dining Room

In conclusion, think big and think long! The long curtains will blend very well with your windows and bring a hint of elegance to your room while maximizing the space and the effect of grandeur of your home.


The Installation of The Curtains
The curtains are an integral part of the decor, they can alone create the style of a room or provide that little extra decoration that will suffice to beautify an interior.
However, it is not uncommon to see some mistakes in the choice or in the installation of curtains, reducing the volume of the room for example.
Here are five of the most common mistakes when choosing its curtains:

1 - The installation of the curtains

Contrary to what is commonly said, we do not choose the width of the curtains according to the window but according to the placement of the rod.

Do not try to place the rod of the same length as your window in which case the curtains will exceed and come to pack it, instead of creating an open space.
It will suffice to make the rod protrude on the sides of the window so that the curtain can fall quietly on both sides next to it.

2 - The curtain drags on the floor

The ceiling height is essential for the space of a room, so when it is very low, it is not uncommon to want to place the curtain rod as close as possible to the window by letting the curtain drag on the floor, thinking to give an impression of greater height.
In reality, if you want to give an impression of space and height, it will be necessary to place the curtain rod as close to the ceiling, with this trick you will notice that the length of the curtain will be more important and that the space under the ceiling will be amplified.
Do not put the curtain rod too low but high enough to prevent the curtain does not drag on the floor and just graze the floor.

3 - The choice of fabric

If you choose a fabric as veiling, the size of the window will be sufficient, but on the other hand for what is thicker fabrics, it will be appropriate to choose a larger width in order to be able to pull them completely to not obscure the light.

4 - Choose the right size

It is common to find curtains dragging on the floor and collecting dust.
Measuring from the beginning and adjusting the length of your curtains will allow you to avoid this inconvenience, taking care to let them barely touch the ground but not the floor.

5 - Remove the folds

Newly purchased curtains are usually very smooth with no creases. But once washed, the length varies due to wrinkles formed and fabric that can shrink.
In this case take the time to refurbish your fabric to its original length and look like new!

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