Giant T Rex Plush


T Rex Plush
Giant T Rex Plush

Are you a fan of giant, terrifying dinosaurs? Then you’ll love our giant T-rex plush. Discover the most famous predator of the Jurassic era with sharp fangs and small front paws like you’ve never seen before. This plush will watch over your children while they sleep. No one will be able to disturb their sleep!

  • A plush as cute as it is impressive!
  • An eco-friendly product
  • Easy to wash with a washing machine
  • For children of all ages
  • Small: 24in – 60cm
  • Medium: 23in – 80cm
  • Large: 43in – 110cm

A giant T Rex stuffed toy

Looking for a giant, terrifying T-Rex to take over guarding duties for your children? Look no further than our giant T-Rex plush! With its sharp fangs and small front paws, this famous Jurassic predator will be sure to keep any little ones safe and sound. Plus, its impressive size is sure to make bedtime that much more fun. So go ahead and add this amazing plush to your child’s bedroom decor today. They’ll love it!

This stuffed dinosaur straight out of the prehistoric era is the representation of a tyrannosaurus raging with its mouth open. This article will delight all the little palaeontologists in the making but also the adults! This plush will also be a perfect decoration for all the people who are fond of creatures that lived before the mass extinction 69 million years ago! Impress all your guests with it!

If you are not impressed by huge dinosaurs then you will love our Giant diplodocus soft toy. Our plush of the largest herbivore of the Cretaceous is part of our very large collection of dinosaurs plush.


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