Dinosaur Floor Rug



Displaying this dinosaur floor rug at home honors an era that saw the extinction of marvelous creatures with super-powerful organisms that dominated the world for millions of years.

  • A Jurassic scene reproduced to perfection
  • Impressive quality of detail
  • Small: 36x59in – 90x150cm
  • Medium: 48x71in – 120x180cm
  • Large: 59x87in -150x220cm
  • A soft and easily washable dinosaur carpet
  • High Quality Printing : Digital 3D Design
    Material : Polyester fiber – Anti-slip

A dinosaur floor carpet

Introducing the Dinosaur Floor Rug! This jurassic scene is reproduced to perfection and will make a great addition to any home. The impressive quality of detail is sure to impress all your friends and family.

This dinosaur floor rug pays homage to a bygone era when mammals and reptiles controlled the world long before humans arrived. This world was cruel and it was often the strongest dinosaurs that survived. Display a piece of this great era in your home’s entryway with this impressively detailed rug.
Fans of fast and ferocious carnivorous dinosaurs will love that we offer a velociraptor rug! If you are looking for a great decorative carpet that matches your interest in Jurassic specimens that lived on the supercontinent, you will find our entire selection of dinosaur rugs in our collection. The fascinating era of prehistory can inspire some beautiful dinosaur decorations you can use in your home.


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Dinosaur Floor Rug
Dinosaur Floor Rug
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