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Give a cozy look to your home by choosing a dinosaur rug model. Ideal for decorating a room of a giant reptile enthusiast of the Mesozoic!

Discover our dinosaur rugs, the perfect decoration item

Tired of one-color rugs or rugs with completely boilerplate mentions like "welcome" or "welcome home"? Want to give your home a real boost? Want to mark your divine character and your passion for prehistory with a piece of decoration? Then you've come to the right place, young modern-day free spirit!
Our dinosaur rugs will give your home a Jurassic look in the blink of an eye. Why? Because they have the power to change the atmosphere of a room just by their presence. Owning an accessory of this style shows your character and the playful person you are.

Designs of dinosaur skeletons, the great and fearsome T-Rex showing his fangs ready to eat its prey alive, Triceratops skulls, flowery or even horned Brachisaurus... In short, our designers did make details and propose you a multitude of rugs with a dinosaur so that you can completely follow your passion for this fascinating era with the help of one of our rugs.

The Tyrannosaurus throw rug

The legendary Tyrannosaurus-Rex, the scourge of the Jurassic come to your living room or bedroom to give an incredible boost to your decoration! Indeed, the T-Rex is a very popular dinosaur and when you see its chilling beauty, you understand why... This huge dino is perfect to display in a bedroom to come and put some cheerfulness and a real curious and historical spirit. Dinosaurs are fascinating and still raise many questions such as where did dinosaurs live?

They can be found in many forms.  Jungle and colorful background with a fierce head and long fangs come up a lot. The flora in the background represent the prefered hunting grounds of this predator where almost no living being could escape him. By exposing this rug in your child's bedroom, this mythical carnivore will rise from its ashes and transmit its energy to the room.

Be careful to choose the color of your rug according to the use you want to make it. For a play area, choose a rug that will reduce the impact of any type of toy fall and protect your floor. If your rug is simply dedicated to decorating a room, then you can choose a thinner rug that will brighten up your apprentice paleontologist's room.

Adopt a Triceratops mat

Whether your child is simply a prehistoric enthusiast, a future archaeologist, or a Jurassic Park fan, he or she needs a dinosaur accessory to match their ambitions. It's only natural. He or she wants to show the world its interest and we invite them to do so by adopting one of our rug. Join the Mesozoic fan clan and make him or her live the life he or she dreams of.

Because a real dinosaur lover's bedroom wouldn't be one without a bed in the colors of his favorite extinct animals, we offer a collection of dinosaur beddings. It's the best way to show its interest for this exciting time extinct more than 66 million years ago.

The different types of dinosaur rugs for children

The rug can be used as a bed rail or can cover the entire floor of a room. For those with children, there is a wide selection that is both practical and decorative. They scatter their clutter everywhere and take up as much space as they can, so what better way to keep them comfortable than with a play mat to protect their knees while they play. To adorn your children's room, there is a wide range of mats.
Early learning mats or play mats: Early learning mats allow children to stimulate each of their senses, especially if you choose them for different activities. Babies develop their vision and learn more about the usefulness of their limbs, for example. The playmat is a great place to stimulate the curiosity of small children. They like to observe their environment in a different way.
Bedroom carpet: the first advantage of choosing a bedroom carpet is that it improves your daily comfort. A soft and warm carpet is enough. In addition, the presence of this accessory keeps the room warm longer. It does not disappear immediately. The covering of the room is a piece of furniture that can be adjusted very easily if you want to change the overall atmosphere of the room. In terms of example, you can place a long, wide piece of fabric on the wall.

Why choose a dinosaur carpet for your child?

The maternal or paternal instinct obliges parents to be strict and selective in the choice of equipment for their child's room. It is therefore essential to look at all aspects of the carpet (style, material, patterns, etc.) to offer the best for your toddlers. Recognized and in high demand on the market, the dinosaur rug has its own specificities that differentiate it from others.
The touch: in addition to being pretty and original, it is ultra soft and comfortable to touch.
Patterns: most little kids love dinos. With lizards and flying dinosaurs on the floor, they can make up stories and continue their adventures without fear of joint pain while enjoying a dinosaur design and print. It's soft and cushy every fall and easy to clean.
Specific Character: Affordable and easy to clean, it does not lint after washing and has high color fastness. Also, it is a magnet for dust mites, dirt and pet hair.

Is the dinosaur carpet ecological?

Lately, VOCs are among the most frequently discussed topics in society (documentaries, TV news, newspapers...). Short for "volatile organic compounds", VOCs are chemicals that can be emitted from a variety of items in the home, from upholstery and paint to floor coverings like carpeting.
While experts agree that VOC emissions are a concern, VOC emissions from new carpets drop quickly within two to three days of installation, as young children are often more sensitive to environmental toxins than adults. Another factor to consider is carpet disposal, as this flooring is often replaced every 5 to 10 years.

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We have thousands of dinosaur mats in stock that are waiting for their delivery. Children and teenagers of all ages will simply love recieving a unique piece of decoration for their room for Christmas for example. On Dinosaur Universe, offering a nice present to your kids has never been so easy. If you need further information, feel free to email us and we will be glad to set up your order with you. Enter the the community of dinosaurs enthusiats in just one click and for a reasonable price!