Dinosaur Decorations

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Dinosaur Crocodile Lamp


Dinosaur Wall Lamp


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Dinosaur Bathroom Rug


Dinosaur Nursery Rug


Dinosaur Shaped Rug


Round Dinosaur Rug


Dinosaur Area Rug


Dinosaur Footprint Rug


Grey Dinosaur Rug


Dinosaur Rug For Children


Dinosaur Alphabet Rug


Dinosaur Fossil Rug


Dinosaur Doormat


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Dinosaur Throw Rug


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Green Dinosaur Rug


Dinosaur Rug For Kids


Dinosaur Bedroom Decoration

Decorate your home with our dinosaur decorations

Bring Jurassic enthusiasts into a dream world with this wide range of Dinosaur Decorations, featuring the favorite animals of young and old paleontologists. Completely transform his room with lamps, curtains, rugs, pillows and comforter covers featuring prehistoric reptiles.
Dino Jurassic offers beautiful decorating sets for the whole family to enjoy and bring their passion for dinosaurs to life.

A dinosaur birthday party

It's your child's birthday soon and he loves dinosaurs? Give him a dinosaur theme for his birthday decoration!
Discover on Dinosaur Universe a great selection of dinosaur birthday themes for kids that will delight all the guests at a birthday party alongside T-Rex and Triceratops!
And for a crazy dinosaur birthday party, we've put together some great dinosaur themed birthday party kits!

A dinosaur birthday ornaments

Discover in each of our dinosaur birthday themes, a whole set of decorations: dinosaur lamps, dinosaur beddings, dinosaur rugs...

Your child is about to blow out his candles and you want to organize him a nice birthday party with all his friends? Why not organize a great dinosaur birthday party? Decoration of the room, dinosaur lamps, table decoration, rugs, pillows... Discover everything you need to create a nice dinosaur decoration for Jurassic enthusiatics!

An embelishment as unique as it is fascinating!

Find at Dinosaur Universe, everything you need in terms of Dinosaur Decoration, to make your little home your own. Our wide range of items of all kinds was created with one goal in mind: to give free spirits the decor they deserve. Take a step towards a world that looks like you and it will be yours!
Whether you're a fan of Cretaceous reptiles is one thing, putting them in your home is another. Decorate your child's room to your heart's content with one of our decor items that are completely out of the ordinary.
The whole atmosphere of your kid's bedroom will thank you for bringing a timeless and totally prehistoric dimension! Treat yourself with our collections of :
  • Lamps
  • Rugs
  • Beddings
  • Pillows
  • Curtains

You're bound to find something to suit your child's passion style when decorating your home. Take the first step towards one of these items and appreciate how the atmosphere of a room can completely change thanks to a decoration as offbeat as the one having the privilege to welcome a fearsome T-Rex as decoration!

Jurassic reptilian decorations

The Mesozoic is comig to your home thanks to our prehistoric decorations offering a touch of decoration out of the ordinary to your interior. The strenght of these dinosaurs? Without any doubt, their original and colorful design straight from the jungle and its species extinct for millions of years. The multitude of colors offered to you is perfect to make your bedroom the most beautiful and comfortable place on earth.

A dinosaur lamp is one of the most prized items in all our decorations, and for good reason, it extremely powerfull. Indeed, it has the power to change everything when you put it in a room. Imagine the Jurassic and ferocious style of your kid's bedroom thanks to a big dinosaur lamp on his bedside table. All his friends will congratulate your kid as much as his ennemies and nightmares will stay away from him.

A Dinosaur rug decoration

These are our favorites. Any deco that can beautify your floor as simply as a rug is above the rest. Why? Certainly because of their charisma. A Diplodocus rug for example, is perfect to decorate a bedroom you want to make different and stylish. A Jurassic touch as you like it.

Although the community often opt for a bedroom decoration, the objetc that can be put on a table for example are also full of strenght and spiritual powers. A dinosaur lamp is the perfect example! It comes to rest on your desk to offer you all the energy that a real and fearsome dinosaur can give you. Opting for one of these is to accept to go to the wild side of the jungle.

A Dinosaur curtain decoration

Dinosaur curtains are the best way to give your child's bedroom a beautifully wild look. You can for example opt for a Pterodactyl curtain that will represent the largest flying Jurassic reptile or a Tyrannosaurus-Rex curtains that will impress all your child's friends every time they set foot in his room. Your child will show his passion for the incredible and diverse  fauna  that ruled our planet 66 million years ago! Does he prefer the nice and big Diplodocus that can reach the size of a modern building or the nasty meat-eating raptors that had the ability to hunt in groups and attack preys 5 times bigger than them? Don't panic, with Dinoaur Universe's varied collection, your child won't have to make a choice and will be able to display all the types of dinosaurs he prefers in his room.